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After the personal branding was complete I produced business cards and a brochure containing information regarding my product the “Shake and Take” below are images of each.

Coming to the end of the final year project  I aimed to keep all work tied together through placement of my logo and use of colour, text etc.






In year 2 of Industrial Design we had to produce 3 concepts for a ready made takeaway meal which would be on sale in the chilled food isle of supermarkets such as Tesco, Superquinn etc, The brief stated that the packaging had to contain a meal for two people sharing.

I began by noting the different targets I had to meet,

My final design must:

Stack easily for transportation as well as display.

Not be too complex a shape to deny full use of the shelf space.

Incorporate colours of the cuisine which packaging is for. – research outcomes show that china have many rich colours and shapes which would stand out against packaging colours in use at the moment.

Have a individual shape to draw the consumer closer to the product.

Be microwavable, meet health and safety guidelines and leak proof.

My unique idea of the meal being contained in the one unit reduced the need for extra unnecessary packaging thus less waste. There would be dividers inside to keep items separate.

To finalise the size the packaging needed to be weights and portions of the food were researched.

The final concept is show below.


Below are the 3 stages of human factors I considered when completing my final year project.

Above is the first of the offline of the product syntax stages where the product is unpacked placed in the fireplace and is ready to be used.

Here the product is in use, (online) the ash falls through the grate and into the collection area.

The final “offline” stage is the user opening the fireplace and removing the collected ash and moving it to the bin.

Great Iphone charger which doubles as a stand. 

Below are three concept generations which which I produced for my final year project. I picked the area of helping elderly people in the home. From my research I found that a major area that they had problems with was the task of emptying the ashes from an open fireplace aswel as closed stoves. Restrictive movement as people age was a major complaint I found. In these concepts I aimed to generate ideas which may be further investigated to solve the problem of having to bend or kneel down to remove ashes.

As part of our final year project we had to put together a set of personal brand guidelines. This included a logo, a set of descriptive words which were important to us. From this I produced the followling guidelines, which I think represent me and what image I want to protray perfectly.

 I produced these boards are part of my college work, the project we were required to complete was to redesign an assigned product to incorporate features from the Smart Forvision concept car.I was given the Panasonic HX_WA10 duel camera to redesign. From there I looked at the brand identity of Panasonic and Smart and what colours and shapes they commonly us. I also looked into product predecessors of both companies and the competing products of the Panasonic camcorder on the market at the moment.From studying these aspects of the two companies, I put together a moodboard of the form benchmarking, highlighting what shapes, curves, colours etc which I would like to incorporate into my final design. After the research came the concept stage where I had three concepts:


  From this I came to the final redesign of the panasonic HX_WA10 duel camera shown below.